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Find Comfortable Carpet in Great Falls

There aren’t many feelings that compare to the simple pleasure of walking slowly across a carpeted floor. Imagine the luxury of the piles gently compressing underfoot and how it just makes you feel good, and you will see what we mean. You can have this experience every day if you come to our carpet store in Great Falls, MT.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Flooring America of Great Falls will help you find the exact styles you want which will blend nicely into any design you have, or it can also stand as the focal point of your room as the element which the style is built around. Either way, our inventory is up to your wants and needs.

Carpet Types Explained

Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpeting is made of a cut-pile construction and is exceptionally plush. Frieze's long-lasting curling fibers are well-known for their ability to camouflage dirt. With a knotted appearance, frieze can add a textured style that gives character to any room while blending colors and patterns.

Loop & Loop Cut Carpet

The surface of loop carpeting is constructed with uncut loop fibers. A level-loop carpet style comes woven or tufted, with a same-height loop surface. A multi-loop carpet has two or three different pile heights in each loop. These carpets have a casual style that can prevent foot imprints from appearing. Cut-loop carpeting, on the other hand, is designed exactly as it sounds. The loop fibers have been cut straight with this product, resulting in a snag-free consistency that is popular among individuals who have children, dogs, and cats.

Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpets are made using the same methods as printing paper. Flatbed screen printing, rotary screen printing, Stalwart printing, and sophisticated computer-programmed jet printing are some of the design processes used. Contemporary style guides and 5-star hotels are known to flaunt the beautiful patterns that can be achieved with this carpeting type.

Saxony & Textured Saxony Carpet

Saxony carpets are cut-pile carpets that can add a touch of luxury to any room in your home. Saxony Type patterns are resistant to wear, shading, and traffic marks in your home. Textured Saxony uses the same fiber types, though they’ve been twisted in different directions to offer a coarser appearance.

Berber Carpet

When describing Berber, the term generally is associated with lighter carpeting hues that have been flecked with darker colors. Berber's natural strength and soil hiding capabilities make it a go-to floor for active areas in the home. Often crafted with a loop-style cut, this product is a popular selection among consumers.

Long-Lasting Flooring

Never fear wear and tear from your active lifestyle, as our durable brand collection includes Resista, Hearth & Home, Tigressa, Core Elements, Design Distinctions, Couristan, and Spotlight Values. Each is specifically designed to withstand the challenges of a child’s spilled drink as well as dirty pet paws with equal impact. When you purchase carpet from us, your floor will look great following installation, and it will continue to impress for years to come.

Peace of Mind is Part of the Package

You will have peace of mind with your selection when you buy from Flooring America due to the quality and the fact that we stand firmly behind all our products. Our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee means we will make it right for you if your product doesn’t meet your expectations.

With the Price Protection Guarantee, we will make up the difference if you see the same brand and style of carpet for a lower price within 30 days after purchase. Thanks to our Assurance Guarantee if you are not happy with your flooring during the first 30 days after purchase, we will replace it with a carpet of equal or lesser value.

Let our experienced carpet installation team lay your carpet quickly and efficiently. We’ll make sure it fits exactly without any ridges or ripples that sometimes appear with amateur jobs. You get a floor you will love and gives you long-lasting quality.

Contact us to find the exact type of carpet flooring you are seeking. We proudly serve customers in Great Falls, Monument, Black Eagle, Vaughn, and Fort Shaw, MT, and surrounding areas.

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